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How I started doing hair.

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Hey everyone. It's been some time now that I've been thinking about blogging on this site. A lot of times I sit back and think well "they just want their hair done" but I've been having some interesting conversation in the salon with some guests in regard to me not being so active on social media. Well...maybe i'll start here. Hello, name is Simone J. Im currently 31 years old and I've been doing hair for the past 22years. At 9yo my mom taught me the concept of braiding on my dolls head. At 10 I started doing my own hair.


My mother was having her weekly card game at the time, and I just knew she was going to do my hair the next day. I cringed at the thought because of her heavy hands. I'm sure her caring for my hair was her way of showing me love but sheesh I couldn't sit thru the pain lol. So I went into her room and got out the few packs of hair she kept around and then started doing my own hair around 8pm. By 2am I was finished and went downstairs to show off my hairstyle. I was so happy I was able to my own box braids.


At 11years old my grandmother paid me $65 to do her a set of box braids and then all of a sudden more women in the building saw her hair and asked about me doing theirs. I was so excited because at this time I wanted to buy myself a cellphone. I'll never forget the little "Cingular wireless" cell phone I purchased for about $25 and the phone came with $10 worth of MINUTES haha! (Who remember minutes for text and me after 7pm or 9 lol)


I'll come back with the rest of my journey sooner than later but I just want to shout out my mom and grandmother for helping me to cultivate my skills in life. Thanking God always for guiding and leading me even early on in life. I thank God for each and everyone who has sat in the chair he gave me.

Grace and peace to all.

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