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Empowerment Through Hair Braiding and Life Skills

At 804BraindsAndMore, we believe in the transformative power of hair braiding combined with essential social skills and empowerment training. Our unique programs are designed to uplift and educate individuals, fostering both personal and communal growth. We are proud to partner with organizations and schools to bring these impactful services to your community.


1. Hair Braiding Workshops:

  • Learn various braiding techniques from basic to advanced levels.

  • Emphasize the cultural significance and history of hair braiding.

  • Promote creativity and self-expression through hands-on practice.


2. Social Skills Development:

  • Enhance communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Foster teamwork and collaboration through group activities.

  • Build confidence and self-esteem in a supportive environment.


3. Empowerment Sessions:

  • Encourage positive self-image and self-worth.

  • Provide tools for resilience and coping with challenges.

  • Inspire leadership and goal-setting for future success.


4. Life Skills Integration:

  • Teach practical life skills alongside hair braiding techniques.

  • Address topics such as financial literacy, time management, and personal hygiene.

  • Support holistic development and independence.

Expertise and Experience

  • Our programs are led by experienced professionals, including licensed cosmetologists and certified peer recovery specialists.

  • We have a proven track record of successful workshops and seminars in various educational and community settings.

Customizable Programs:

  • We tailor our sessions to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization or school.

  • Flexible scheduling options to accommodate different group sizes and age ranges.

Positive Impact:

  • Our holistic approach ensures that participants not only learn new skills but also gain confidence and a sense of empowerment.

  • We create a supportive and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and individuality.

Get Involved

Join us in making a difference through our empowering programs. To learn more about bringing our workshops to your organization or school. Simone is also available to speak words of life an encouragement to you.

Why Partner With Us?

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